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Requiescat In Pace

March 9, 2011

Beer open, cigar lit, my ass in my chair. Beethoven playing in the background. Yes. Now is as good a time as any, I suppose. The nights pass just as well here at my desk as they do anywhere else; my wife forgives my need to be up here, and anywhere within the confines of my house, there is better company than at the local bars at this hour. Not that the hour is late; it’s not. At least, not for me. I don’t feel a particular rush of insomnia coming on, so that means at some point, I WILL sleep – which is good, since I have to cover a meeting in the morning and these county politicians have to get their business done before noon since they’re in bed by 3 in the afternoon.

Events in Wisconsin make me wish I was there writing about it, but I suspect I will be writing about here before too long. The backlash from the High Crimes and Misdemeanors of one Governor Scott Walker, Republican, of the state of Wisconsin has been felt in Ohio and other points of interest. I have no doubt it will come here – especially since a few high ranking members of the Carroll County Board have demonstrated quite clearly that they have no love of unions and would like nothing better than to destroy what small union presence there is here.

Now, I have proclaimed myself a peaceful man – that is to say, I am aware that I am not one by nature, only by hope, hard work, and inclination. Like the other men in my family, I have a short fuse and a large chip on each shoulder – which is why, god love her, my wife would probably prefer I avoid blood warming liquors like bourbon. Especially bourbon. That’s not to say I get rowdy… but it does sharpen my tongue and let out some of the little beasties I have locked up in cages down in my gut. I sometimes act the fool, but it’s always with the best of intentions. But there is no bourbon here, only beer, and fairly cheap beer at that… yes, there are times when drinking must be economical to be useful. And I’m not even really drinking to get drunk; it functions merely as lubricant to help my fingers dance and my brain skip it’s usual plodding deliberation. There are times when the words must come for themselves… or, at the very least, times when I should have the good grace to get out of their way. And because I have proclaimed myself a peaceful man, as much as I would like very much to see the enraged citizens and union supporters drag that idjit of a Wisconsin Governor from his comfortable bed by the ears and try him after the fashion of the French Revolution, I know that’s not a solution. [Note: idjit, adj: an individual whose behavior is so horribly atavistic that to call him or her an idiot is to do an immoral disservice to that particular word. From The Parsons Dictionary of Often Used Words and Phrases]

Walker and his cabal of corporate-tit sucking lackeys have side-stepped the filibuster in absentia of the 14 Democratic Senators who, in order to keep the union killing bill off the floor, fled across the state line into the Land of Lincoln. I’m not defending the 14, really – at this point I take Democrats to be cowards and corporate automatons as much as the Republicans are carpet-bagging, back-stabbing, corporate automatons. To leave in order to bring attention to the issue is one thing; but they’ve been hiding here so long that their presence was no longer required to screw over the people of Wisconsin and by extension, the American people. The 14 should have stayed gone long enough to get people’s attention, then grew balls and/ or backbones and gone back and fought the good fight for the people who elected them. If they carried the strength of the conviction they claim to have, they would have stepped up to the front line with the demonstrators and demanded that Walker compromise when the unions agreed to all concessions except for the stripping away of collective bargaining rights.

But they didn’t. They took the politician’s way out, skulking like wounded raccoons – which allowed the GOPer controlled legislature to do what they do best. They found a back door way to get their dirty deed done and made it home in time to watch the season premiere of MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas.

Damn their eyes. Every single one of them.

Now, if it seems I’m not digging into the GOPers very much, it’s not because it’s not deserved. There aren’t enough stick pens for the voodoo dolls of the Wisconsin Republicans. The truth is, though, they have pretty much behaved the way I have come to expect them to behave – like circus geeks with their heads planted firmly up their own asses. And if we’re being honest, that’s what this political falderal in Wisconsin has been – a circus. And if it seems like I’m letting the slimy bastards off easy, it’s only because I recognize that a toad will always act like a toad and to expect otherwise is to expect the rules of nature to turn upside down.

In many respects, the Democratic Party is more responsible for this abortive legislation than the GOPers. It’s not such a stretch of the imagination. The Republican sweep of the midterm elections from Congress to state and local governmental positions because the Democrats neither pointed out what few accomplishments they managed to make happen nor did they try and defend any real position. Yes, the Obama Administration has accomplished some good things – though in my opinion, some of the measures, like Health Care and the regulation of Wall Street, didn’t go nearly far enough. Anything less than a Public Option makes the Health Care Law a joke and anything less than putting those Wall Street jerks in the zoo on public display as the thieves who steal from old people and children is patently offensive. To be honest, I haven’t expected much in terms of an immediate turn around of the economy, because it was so hopelessly fucked by Gee Wubya that it will take time and some savvy MacGyvering to get it back to normal. But to go back on his campaign promise to close Gitmo is inexcusable.

And it’s that kind of thing that made the Democrats lose the midterm, swing the control of the House to Boehner and the greedy GOPers, and usher an idjit like Scott Walker into the Wisconsin Governor’s mansion. And Obama’s public silence on this issue will, in all likelihood, come back to bite him in the ass when he has to go to what remains of unions in this country and ask for their support in 2012… and since the field of greedy GOPers wanting to be President is as dismal as their party platform, the next ten years of political life in this country will be as caustic as the previous ten.

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  1. Bobby permalink
    March 18, 2011 12:06 pm

    I have never so whole heartedly wanted to flee the country than I do now. I used to want to fight them and take my country back, and make it all the things we were promised it could be. Now I just want to abandon the ship before it hits bottom, or I drown with it.

    • March 18, 2011 12:13 pm

      I understand, and often have that inclination myself. But then I recall the First Directive: illegitimi non carborundun. Never let the bastards win.

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