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The Marv and Mike Show: The Mediocrity Continues.

January 4, 2011

It’s easy to blame the head coach. After a 4-12 season, I’m inclined to put more blame on Marvin Lewis than I would normally. Leaders have to lead, and Marvin, for some reason, had a hard time this year.

As I’ve pointed out before, though, the problem isn’t just Marvin, and getting a new head coach would do nothing except give the Bengals … a team that’s always on the cusp of yet another year of building … yet one more year to call “a building year.”

I’ve said it in writing. I’ve said it pissed off in my living room. I’ve screamed it drunk from my wobbly bar stool. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THE BENGALS IS MIKE “NOT A FUCKING THINK LIKE DADDY PAULBROWN. He’s not only the owner, but the General Manager, and, like all owner/GMs, he’s a disaster. Owners should own. GMs should GM. Coaches should coach. The only time we should ever hear anything about the owner of a professional football team is a short camera cut away during the Super Bowl. That’s it. That’s all. And that should be enough.

I’m not surprised that Marvin decided to stay, or that Mike Brown decided it was in the team’s interest to let him — even though Marv got none of what he wanted. No new indoor practice facility. Apparently Mike Brown will only build buildings when he can screw over the city of Cincinnati in the process.

People will say that Marvin stayed because he knew he wasn’t getting another offer in professional football. Or, they’ll say that Mike Brown knew he couldn’t get anybody except an excited 6 year old from Price Hill to take the job. People will point to the lack of a post-season win during Marvin Lewis’s tenure and wonder what the hell Mike Brown is thinking.  (I don’t wonder about what goes on in Mike Brown’s head, though I suspect it’s something like this: dumdumdumdudmdumdumdumdumdumdumdum.)

Part of the problem with this post-season discussion, though, is that Cincinnati fans, like the Cincinnati team, tends to work from the gut. We are awesome fans when they’re winning… but you know who the true fans are when the team is losing. The rest fall away, grumble, bitch, whine, talk about firing the coach, the quarterback, the fucking waterboy.

Until they start winning again. And then there are legions of bandwagoneers who swear to guard Marvin Lewis with their lives… or at least, their season ticket subscription and an empty beer bucket.

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