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Resurrection: Dedicated to Eric Mast

December 19, 2010

I let the domain go on this site because I was posting less and less and focusing on Fictions of the Dead Machine more. I don’t really regret the shift in focus, except that in letting my ownership of expire, I let it fall into the hands of some douche bag who needed an easy .com to post inane shit no one cares about. Spam.

In a recent email conversation with my friend and fellow writer, Eric Mast, however, I found myself missing this blog. And while my situation has changed… I’m living in Illinois, not Arizona, and I’m no longer teaching full time at a monster of a state university… the fact is that there are many things about this blog that still apply to my life and where I am. The geography of head space can be difficult terrain, sometimes.

So, I’m resurrecting this site, though I don’t have the money to snag a domain name for it. I will, soon enough. And when I do, the few of you who read it will be the first to know.

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