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New blog — but don’t worry, the grump isn’t going anywhere.

January 12, 2009

deadmachine_logo1I am starting another blog, Fictions from the Dead Machine, strictly dedicated to my Fiction and Poetry.  I’ve been posting my stories and poems at Writer’s Cafe, which is a nice, friendly site and easy to use, and I’ve used it primarily to air early drafts. In course of posting on the site, I’ve run into some interesting people who offer mostly positive feedback, and one or two people who offer useful and constructive feedback.  There’s some good writing that goes on there. But I also run into a lot of people who show no interest in publishing or having a larger audience for their work. And this… I must confess… I do not understand.

It’s one thing to be honest and admit where your writing is weak, or needs fixing. It’s another thing entirely to call yourself a writer when you have no intention of showing it to anybody except like-minded diarists. This rot is one of things that’s killing writing, especially poetry, in America. The only people who read poetry are other poets.  Ok fine; there’s no money in poetry. Maybe that’s appropriate. Maybe (and I tend to think) it’s not. 

One of the people I met on Writer’s Cafe pointed out that a failing amongst many writers is arrogance.  But what good is humility? Think about it.  What writer got anywhere being humble? Honest self-appraisal is one thing.  But humility at the level that people tend to think of as appropriate is either self-deprecation or a damned lie. And there’s enough working against writers that we don’t need to put ourselves down; there are also enough lies to go around.

I’ve spent the last year or so not submitting my work. Anywhere. There isn’t a specific reason for this; partially, I think, I was frustrated. Mostly, I was putting too much energy into my job and not enough into my writing.  The new blog is one way of getting the work out. I’m also going to start submitting and (most likely) collecting rejection slips by the end of the month.  I also have some other ideas mulling around my brain… but I will talk about those in more detail if they get beyond the mulling stage.

Now, getting published isn’t everything. I understand that. But a writer is only useful when he’s writing. Anything else is either a waste of time or a distraction.  So I hope you’ll wander over and read the new blog. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell random people on the street. That’s exactly what I’m going to be doing.

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