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Online Teaching: Top of Week 4. Updates & Other Such Nonsense

June 23, 2008

Oh, the irony. My class for next summer session — which would have been a hybrid class (meaning that it would have met 3 days and two days would have been, technically, online) — has been canceled due to low enrollment. However, I was offered, in it’s place, one full section of an ENG 102, and a newly opened section of 102 that may or may not fill. Both courses are online courses.

I realize that I could’ve turned down the classes, but I hate turning down work. I have in the past, and it’s left me with a nauseous feeling. This hesitation and accompanying physiological effect has it’s roots in the fact that I spent the first few years post graduation trying to survive as an adjunct… and back then, I couldn’t turn down work at all, even if it meant I ended up teaching 7 classes in a single semester; it also meant that I was generally busy in the fall but unemployed in the winter and spring because their simply wasn’t as much of a need for Composition instructors (Fewer section =fewer necessary faculty.) One of the ways I’ve managed to stay employed is because I’m pretty much willing to teach anything, and I’ll take on classes at the last minute. As a matter of fact, when the classes were offered to me, I didn’t even hesitate. I jumped right, ass first.

The good news (or bad news, depending on your opinion of this humble narrator) is that I’ll have plenty more to blog about.

There really isn’t a lesson here; this simply illustrates the truth that I am still a glutton for punishment.


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